Buttons, White Label, and more!

New 3 hours ago
  1. New button types for Answer and Form blocks, directly.
  2. White Label available for all agencies accounts.
  3. Flexible customization of Welcome and Unexpected messages.
  4. Variable answers to an unrecognized question.
  5. Improvements in the widget.
  6. Many minor improvements.

Hebrew, Arabic, and Slovenian languages on board!

New 2 weeks ago

Three new languages ​​have been added: Hebrew, Arabic, Slovenian.

Improved storyline!

Updated 2 weeks ago

Improved user location recognition algorithms in the current dialog. Now the bot remembers all stories with the user. You can return to the story if you have not completed it.

Fixed a bug with the Widget!

Fix 3 weeks ago
  • Everybody has been waiting for the correction of errors with the widget. We finally did it. Please note that the widget code has changed and you need to update it on your site!
  • In the Forms appeared validation of fields email, phone number, and product selection. Also added all the variables. Now you can customize the letter from your bot in more detail.
  • We transferred the next part of the functionality to new Azure servers and improved the understanding of dialogue (for AI).

AI has become even smarter!

Updated 4 weeks ago
  • This time we improved the recognition of words. Now your bot will equally well understand different variations of one word. For example, if in your Intent there is examples of "Clean", then your bot will understand the phrases "Cleaner", "Cleaning", etc.
  • Also, the bot has become more optimal in switch the user to an operator in automatic mode. Improved problem recognition algorithms.
  • Now receiving an Unexpected Message doesn't throw the user out of the dialogue. The user can make a correction and repeat the request.